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50 Shades Freed: Book 3

The 50 Shades saga has come to an end, and I have to say, it’s kind of bittersweet. I almost didn’t want it to end, because I selfishly wanted to continue to delve into Ana and Christian’s now extended family.

But let’s do a quick recap!

When we last left off from book 2: 50 Shades Darker, Ana and Christian would officially solidify their union. AKA they get married. As we know, there were some opposing forces who throughout the sequence of both books, tried but failed to get in between Ana and Christian’s love story. We had Mrs. Robinson, crazy Leila, and unhinged Jack Hyde.

Leila was taken care of in book 2, and was eventually under the care of a shrink. It appeared that Mrs. Robinson was put into a box and never to return, but temporarily found her way back after Christian confided in her after he learned that Ana was pregnant. He wasn’t ready for a baby and was upset with Ana for allowing that to happen (although it takes two), but they eventually worked through it. Jack Hyde was another case. As you know, he was fired from his editor job in book 2 because he attempted to sexually assault Ana, but Ana kicked his ass in the process.

Jack’s rancor and bitterness lead him to:

  • stalk Christian and his entire family

  • lead Ana and Christian on a high-speed car chase

  • start a fire at Christian’s place of business

  • break into Christian and Ana’s home

  • kidnap & ransom

  • physically assault Ana’s in her most vulnerable moment

  • we even learn that he was behind disintegration of Christian's plane

In the end, Hyde was put down, hopefully permanently.

Although Christian and Ana continued to make progress in their relationship, they still went through their spats here and there. For instance, after they got married, Ana kept her last name, Steele, at her job. When Christian attempted to email her using the name, Ana Grey, the email bounced back to him, which infuriated him. Ana just wanted to keep her name because she didn’t want to be treated differently. But in Christian’s mind, he wanted everyone to know that Ana was his, and since she didn’t want to change her name, he felt that he wasn’t good enough for him. As we know, Christian is showcasing his self-loathing behavior, but people just don’t change overnight. Ana acquiesced, because she didn’t want to make Christian feel unloved, and of course she wanted to make him feel how she felt about him.

Throughout the book, Ana’s character continues to develop into this more refined, confident and self-assured being. Christian of course was previously loveless, and transformed into a loving soul, although still quite possessive. He even stopped playing those lament-filled songs on the piano, and in one scene played a joyful song while at his parents’ house, and even started singing. And no-one has ever heard him sing before.

It's always a joy to see two people fall in love. Although Christian and Ana weren’t perfect, I think it’s safe to say that they were perfect for each other. They were both somewhat desolate and looking for something, in which they found in each other.

After some years have passed, Ana and Christian’s son, Teddy, is a two years old, and Ana is pregnant with her daughter, Phoebe, and it appeared that they couldn’t be happier. They even still participated in their “kinky fuckery,” while Ana was pregnant. Safely I’m sure.

Overall, this was a riveting, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind story, and I was highly entertained!!


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