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Netflix Film: The Lovebirds

Updated: Sep 8

Synopsis: When a couple in the fast lane to splitsville accidentally careens into a murder, they take off on a wild race to find the killer and clear their names.

The film stars Issa Rae as Leilani and Kumail Nanjiani as Jebran, and its directed by Michael Showalter. Issa Rae is mostly known for starring in the HBO series, Insecure and more recently, the film, The Photograph, and Kumail Nanjiani can be seen in the film, The Men in Black International, and the CBS series, The Twilight Zone. Micheal Showalter also directed the critically acclaimed film The Big Sick.

The film starts off with us getting a brief introduction of the beginning of Issa and Kumail’s relationship. As we know, with any relationship, the beginning is usually fervent filled and amorous, just as Issa’s and Kumail’s was. As their relationship progressed over the years, we find their relationship has disintegrated. They fight over little things that then turn into major problems. For instance, Issa wanted her and Kumail to go on the reality show, The Amazing Race, and Kumail felt like the show was a waste of time, although, Kumail had never even watched an episode. He also felt like reality shows lacked substance, and it just wasn’t something that he wanted to be a part of. Issa also has a habit of comparing their relationship to their friends’ relationships, especially with the facades that are placed among us on social media. She also couldn’t stay away from her Instagram. They finally come to a mutual agreement that their relationship has come to a screeching halt, and decide that it was time to break up. But, before they can break up, their whole life turns upside down.

Issa and Kumail witness a murder, and are actually present at the scene of the crime. In fact, Issa’s car was used in the crime by the culprit. The culprit flees before he can be found and Issa and Kumail go on the run, because they fear that they are suspects in the crime, and spend the entire film trying to find clues that will help exonerate them. Throughout this delectable comedic film, Issa and Kumail are linked with a corrupt police officer, blackmail, hot bacon grease, assault by a horse, a hideous and equally hilarious unicorn outfit, breaking and entering, a secret society, orgies, and perpetual unexpected laughter.

In the film’s conclusion, Issa and Kumail are eventually exonerated, and give their relationship another chance. Ironically, we also see that they end up competing on the reality show, The Amazing Race, which was partly responsible for some of their prior arguments. Before their break up, they were not on the same page, in fact, as Kumail so eloquently stated “It’s like I’m reading from one page of a book, and you’re reading from a different page in a magazine.” The time that they spent together trying to clear their names for the murder, allowed them to get back on the same page as a couple, while bringing them closer together.

Overall, I give this film a thumbs up. It was highly entertaining, corky, and filled with interminable humor. The chemistry between Issa and Kumail was undeniable. They fed off of each other, with unforced natural comedy, and it was fun to watch. I loved that the storyline reflected real life experiences of couples in that in the beginning, it can be passionate and loving, but it can quickly take a toll down hill, as we witnessed between Issa and Kumail. But something can happen, which can remind couples of the passion they once had, and reunite them back together. I also loved how the film touched upon how sometimes social media can perpetuate falsities of relationships—sometimes we see these idealized couples, but it’s not always as real as it’s portrayed. There were a couple of spoilers here, but not too much. If you guys haven’t watched the film already, I highly recommend watching the film.


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