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Rockstar: DaBaby Featuring Roddy Ricch

Rockstar has been steadily climbing the billboard charts, and is now at #1. Both DaBaby and Roddy Ricch are winning right now, and both have countless songs on the charts. It was great seeing them team up and bless us with this original song.

Anytime I hear this song, no matter where I am, I can’t help but to start dancing. Yes, it’s that type of song. Of course, the beat is fire, and the words are spoken from the heart. DaBaby essentially asks if you’ve ever met a Rockstar who was black and is also a gangster. Then I start to attempt to answer this rhetorical question, and Travis Scott somewhat comes to mind, although, I wouldn’t classify him as a gangster. To be candid, when I think of rock stars, I think of the likes of Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, Steven Tyler, etc. So, then I guess the answer to DaBaby’s question is no. In continuation, DaBaby references his rockstar status as a black gangster and how he had to grind to get where he is today. Roddy Ricch gives us a catchy verse, and sings more subtly about his flossing and gangster status.

The video was definitely a production. The video starts off with the narrator referencing a disease that is on the rise and killing people. I initially thought it was COVID-19, but that theory was soon dispelled when the narrator said “This is not COVID-19.” Lol. As the video continued, the audience see’s what appears to be zombie-like figures like you would see from the TV show, The Walking Dead. A car comes up, and whoever is inside the car, pulls up on the zombie-like figure and shoots it dead, then pulls off. Throughout the video, DaBaby and Roddy Ricch are dressed in black, as they try to defeat the zombies, who are all dressed in white. As I watched the video, I wouldn’t say is has anything to do with being a gangster, but it does touch base on fortitude and survival, which is what DaBaby overcame to become as successful as he is today. Then in a later scene, DaBaby is battling a burly zombie who primarily overpowers him, then DaBaby has visions of his daughter, who he has to be alive for. This vision enables DaBaby to then defeat the husky zombie. In Roddy Ricch’s scene, he also tries and succeeds to destroy the zombies within his peripheral. Towards the ending, we get a small snippet of DaBaby’s song, Amazing Grace, as he’s continuing his war with the zombies.

In the credits, we see that the video was written and directed by Reel Goats, produced by Seth in the Kitchen and DaBaby is also one of the producers. It was cool to see some of the behind the scenes during filming, and despite the limitations of COVID-19, it looked like they really had a good time. Overall, great song with a creative video!! Check out the links to the song and video below.


Listen: https://smarturl.it/BlameItOnBaby

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/623PL2MBg50Br5dLXC9E9e

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/blame-it-on-baby/1508023035?app=music

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxFstYSbBmc


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