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Selling Sunset| Season 2, Ep. 1| Let the Real Estate Game Begin

Updated: Jun 2

Selling Sunset is back for season 2, and I have to say that I really enjoyed season 1. There’s just something about beautiful alluring women, crushing the real estate game, giving those men out there a run for their money. Okay, so let’s dissect episode 1.

Mary and Heather are touring the Oppenheim Groups’ new listing, and we find out that it’s on the market for a whopping 43.9 million. As the ladies are taking a walk-through of the compound, it’s evident that it’s as ostentatious as ever, but let’s be candid, I wouldn’t expect anything less sumptuous from a Hollywood Hills home. It includes a 12-car garage, home theatre, spa, wine cellar, decadent décor, worldly art, 300-degree views, 4 stories, 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, over 20,000 sqft. The master bedroom also includes a master closet that looks like its own master bedroom. The expected commission once sold, is approximately 1.3 million.

Then Chrishelle arrives at the palace, and all three ladies get to chatting. We find out that Christine (Chrishelle’s arch nemesis) has gotten engaged to a man that she’s only been dating a short while. It’s also odd that Mary didn’t find out about Christine’s engagement straight from the horses’ mouth, and instead got the intelligence from Davina. When Mary later called Christine to find out the news directly, Christine said nonchalantly that she was engaged. It’s apparent that Mary and Christine are no longer as close as they once were, and Davina is now filling out her old shoes. Could it be that Christine is intimated by Mary and Chrishelle’s blossoming relationship? Time will tell. We also find out that Christine has taken off from the Oppenheim group aka work, in order to travel the world with her new fiancé. Incidentally, her fiancé’s name is Christian, who was initially her client that she was showing houses to. Most importantly, one house in particular that she was showing is a house the she also admired, and imagined living in herself. Her fiancé was also dating someone else at the time, before they got together. Well, the metaphysical manifestation worked its power because not only did Christine get the man, but she also got the house that she so revered about. Wow, how amazing is that?

I need to try this metaphysical sport— “I need a million dollars by next week, I need a million dollars by next week, I need a million dollars by next week, I need a million dollar by next week.”

So, from that, we can deduce that Christine’s fiancé is quite wealthy (I’m thinking this as Kanye West’s Gold Digger song plays in the background). Now, I don’t believe that Christine is a gold digger, but she surely wouldn’t be messing with a broke player—I’m not mad at that Christine!

Chrishelle also confides in Mary and Heather that she and Christine are still not on speaking terms, due to the gradual and unwavering admonishment, followed by their last blowout from season 1. Chrishelle is also concerned about Christine’s new relationship, because since he allegedly cheated on his ex-girlfriend to get with Christine, then he’ll most likely do the same to her. In my opinion, this was Chrishelle’s opportunity to take a subtle dig at Christine, while her subconscious is really trying to say “You’ll lose him how you got him girl.” Although I do agree with that concept, I also believe that people can change. Maybe Christian’s ex-girlfriend was a placeholder, and he was just waiting for a statuesque blonde such as Christine. Hopefully it all turns out well for Christine; at least she’s got the brand-new house that was manifested into her brain. Hopefully the house is in her name.

We finally get to see Christine, striding out of a plane (looking really legally blondish) with her fiancé, Christian (who we find out is a software engineer and entrepreneur), in tow, coming back from her long worldly excursion. She is back, and looking forward to getting back to work. Her first call was to Jason, who didn’t even wait until the dusk settled to start hounding Christine about an unsold listing. Christine unconvincingly assured him that the home would get sold.

We later get to catch up with Heather who is taking a stroll with Maya and her adorable new baby, Aiden. By the way, Aiden doesn’t even look like he’s even 3 months old yet, and Maya is already looking snatched. When Maya and Heather were catching up, Maya tells her about the birth experience and came up with a novel name for the anesthetic used to block labor contractions. As she told Heather about the "epeedorale" that she received, Heather had a warranted look on her face, and later confirmed that it was actually epidural that she was referring to. You gotta love Maya! As they continue on with their conversation, we find out that Heather is no longer dating her athlete boyfriend from season 1, and instead, she’s now dating real estate entrepreneur and reality star Tarek El Moussa, who she’s madly in love with. Maya also professes to Heather that she also heard from Davina that Christine is engaged. Maya then lays out a map about how she saw Christine in December with a younger, I guess less rich boyfriend, and 2 months later she heard the astounding news of her engagement, but this time the man was much older and richer.

So now almost everyone is at the office. There is a magazine on Chrishelle’s desk, where her husband, Justin Hartley, is on the cover. She gushes about how everyone should have a picture of their man on their desks. Then Chrishelle states, not verbatim, that it’s a compliment that her man is the epitome of man for most ladies, and says verbatim, “I know where he sleeps.” Then Brett says, “Most nights.” I wonder how true this was at the time. I don’t think it’s a secret that they are now separated, and curious to know if they were having problems during this time. Brett then continues to brag about his womanizing predilections. Chrishelle then goes to talk to her identical twin bosses, Brett and Jason, about taking initiative by reaching out to builders and developers and getting new business in the Valley, which is an area not as opulent as the hills. Her bosses agree, and she is ecstatic.

Later, Mary and Jason are previewing properties for buyers, which is common a common practice in real estate. Here, we are introduced to Amanza who is new to the team. Amanza is an interior decorator who recently joined the team, and is new to real estate. We find out that Jason has been mentoring Amanza, and even helped her when she was having a rough time in her life, while taking care of her two children. She fell on hard times after her divorce from her ex NFL husband, who she says “Couldn’t even pay child support.” She had to resort to doing all kinds of odd jobs, like cleaning toilets and being a nanny, which she avowed was a humbling experience. I have to say, I’m loving Amanza’s vibe and effortless style. She’s beautiful, funny, authentic, unadulterated, and doesn’t take herself too seriously. While they were all meeting with the listing agent, Amanza gets her heel stuck in the deck. Although this would be embarrassing for anyone else, Amanza played it cool. As this was happening, the listing agent that they were meeting was literally talking to someone on the phone, and boorishly telling the person on the other end that “She got her heal stuck on the deck,” instead of trying to offer some kind of support.

Back at the office, Mary arrives with newbie Amanza, and since Mary is training Amanza, Mary would like her sit adjacent to her desk, which is understandable. Incidentally, Amanza looks great, with her knee-high Fendi boots, sexy blouse, fitted blue jeans, and seamless accessories. Then out of nowhere, Jason or maybe Brett, (I can’t tell them apart) starts talking about spending his first night in his new condo. Heather proceeds to coquettishly ask if she can both come see and move into Brett/Jason’s new digs. Do they have a thing? I’m not sure, but there is a discernible chemistry there. Then in the same breath, Heather starts talking about her boyfriend, and Brett/Jason starts to act like a jealous ex who is surprised that Heather has now given a new man the boyfriend title. All of a sudden Davina walks in, and apparently Amanza is sitting in her seat. Mary tells Davina that she wants Amanza to sit next to her since she’s showing her the ropes. Davina indiscreetly grimaces, as she makes her way out of camera view. Poor Davina—it seems as if she’s always being unseen.

We then get a glimpse of Chrishelle hustling out in the Valley for some new business. Next, the red carpet is pulled out for the most talked about statuesque, brazen, blond bombshell aka Christine. Christine finally blesses all the ladies with her presence at the office, sans Chrishelle. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that all the ladies are in the office today, including Christine, and Chrishelle is no where to be found. Chrishelle may be avoiding Christine, but she’ll have to face her sometime. Anyways, Christine starts to dazzle the ladies, including Brett/Jason about her enchanting vacation, and spills the beans of all the places she and her fiancé visited. As Amanza is reacting ever so loudly in response to Christine’s adventurous tales, I can’t help but notice Davina once again grimacing unnervingly in the corner. Is she still upset that the new girl took her seat, or is she intimated that the new girl has the balls to voice her opinion? I also see Maya’s discreet eye-roll towards Amanza.

Then the conversation leads to Christine talking about her new finance, and conversation of engagement is inevitable. Christine then says that she didn’t tell anyone about the engagement for at least 3 months, and Mary questions that. And rightfully so. If Mary and Christine really are best friends, shouldn’t she be one of the first people to know. And if she is not one of the first, then the conversation as to why should be had. Christine's excuse for not telling anyone was because she wanted to make sure that Christian was the one. I call BS. If that’s the case, why should Davina know before Mary. Mary is understandably hurt about not hearing the news from Christine, but she hasn’t voiced her concerns about it to Christine. During Christine’s confessionals, she made an obscure insult about Davina jokingly asking her if the ring was moissanite. If you can remember from season 1, Mary’s fiancé, Romain, bought her a moissanite engagement ring, because he couldn’t afford a real diamond. Not cool Christine, not cool.

Then Maya asks Christine if she’ll be inviting Chrishelle to the wedding. Messy much? Christine takes the diplomatic approach and doesn’t say no, and voices that she’s been trying to reach out to Chrishelle, but to no avail—she has sent Chrishelle flowers when her father died, and flowers for her birthday, but Chrishelle has still been ghosting her. In Maya’s confessional, she acknowledges Christine’s cantankerous behavior, and essentially says that the ball is in Christine’s court to not go off on Chrishelle, and instead have the capacity to practice self-control. Later on, when Brett/Jason called a small meeting to talk about the event logistics for the firm’s 44 million-dollar listing in the Hollywood Hills, the ladies were all sitting and got lost in their conversations, talking about girl stuff. It was so hilarious to watch, as Brett/Jason tried diffidently to get the ladies' attention.

In the last scene, all the ladies will finally be in the same room (I really mean Chrishelle and Christine), that’s if Christine can catch Chrishelle. All the ladies are gathered at the 44 million-dollar Hollywood Hills home, and of course the property is breathtaking. Maybe I should use Christine's metaphysical power, and this awe-inspiring home can be mine in no time. Jeff, who is the owner of this gargantuan home, is present at the event, and we also find out that Amanza has staged one of his properties in the past. Davina starts talking about going on a double date with her man and Christine and her man, meanwhile, Mary has never directly laid eyes on Christian. That’s gotta sting.

Heather is now talking to Chrishelle, and of course, Christine’s name pops up. Chrishelle knows that it’s inevitable that today is the day that she will finally get in the ring with Christine, and I’m sure she’s not happy about it. Chrishelle goes on to say that after season 1 ended, her father had unfortunately passed away from lung cancer. She said that Christine sent her flowers and condolences, but Chrishelle didn’t think it was genuine, because Christine continued to unapologetically prolong the Chrishelle twitter smear campaign, as if she was Cinderella’s doppelganger sister. In addition, Christine threw a party and named a cocktail after all her cast-mates, and of course Chrishelle was not invited to the festivities; Chrishelle’s cocktail name was called 2-faced Chrishelle.

Chrishelle’s nerves of seeing and talking to Christine have become so amplified, that she has resorted to bringing her back up device called a CBD tranquility roll-on, which she just rolls onto different parts of her body in order to calm her nerves. The episode ends with Christine walking into the event with her fiancé, and Chrishelle running away. Eventually Christine will catch her. We’ll see what happens in episode 2!


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