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Selling Sunset Season 2, Ep. 2 | Billionaires Have Compounds

Updated: Sep 8

So, in this episode, Christine eventually catches up to Chrishelle after the hide-and-go-seek game they played in episode 1. Prior to Christine finally catching Chrishelle, Chrishelle was having a private chat with Heather before Christine walked up to them. In my opinion, it looked like a set-up orchestrated between Christine and Heather, since it appears that Christine is getting closer to Heather these days.

Anyway, as Christine and Chrishelle talked, Chrishelle looked extremely uncomfortable, but since she put on her CBD anxiety rub earlier, I think it probably kicked in. To my surprise, Christine was rightfully apologetic and lamented about wanting to be friends again (although, friends don’t tell others not to like their friends Instagram stories, or name offensive cocktails after them, or play high school mean girl games. Period.) And Of course, Chrishelle was apprehensive. Christine says “I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart. Give me one more chance to not be a fucking bitch.” Christine and Chrishelle then call a truce, but I’m sure Chrishelle will have on extremely large binoculars when it comes to Christine, especially according to her confessionals “What do they say-keep your friends close and your enemies closer? That’s never been truer than with Christine.” I’m curious to see how their dynamic will be moving forward. And Christine, please don’t disappoint.

In the next scene, Davina is in the car with Christine and they are on their way to see Davina’s potential eighty million-dollar listing. OMG while in the car, Davina’s face said it all. She was scared for her life, because Christine was showcasing extreme road rage. It was hilarious!! Davina’s potential listing is from one of her previous clients, Adnan, who also happens to be a billionaire. Davina was worried that Jason wouldn’t agree to list the home for the steep eighty million price tag, and wouldn’t want to come out of pocket for marketing costs, which would probably amount to over a million. Christine of course loved the house, and said that she could imagine herself living there. That’s right girl, put those manifestation powers of yours to good use, perhaps it can actually work out for Davina.

Later on, Chrishelle is prepping her new listing for an open house, and Maya decides to pop in for a visit, and brings her beautiful new baby, Aiden, with her. As they sit down to connect with each other, babies come in to the topic of conversation and Chrishelle tells Maya that she and Justin are not ready to start a family yet. Chrishelle continues to say that she can see herself having a baby one day, then out of nowhere Maya makes up her own untimely phrase “Run for your hills.” LMAO. I have no idea what Maya was talking about, but you still gotta love her!!

Next, Mary is on a listing appointment for a potential new listing, for her potential client, Lizzie. Ironically, Mary and Lizzie are both dressed in a black sleeveless tuxedo dress. Incidentally, I just love Mary’s rock-n-roll effortless style. We later find out that Mary gets the almost ten million-dollar listing. Yay Mary!!

Now, if you remember my previous blog post about episode 1, I was having trouble differentiating identical twins Bret from Jason, and was unsure who Heather was flirting with and insisting on moving in with. Well, it turns out that it was in fact Brett. In the next scene, Heather visits Brett to take a tour of his new digs, which by the way is very debonair and screams bachelor pad. As the tour continues, Heather continues on with her flirtatious banter, which Brett continues to curve gracefully. Brett goes on to ridicule Heather and says she doesn’t work hard enough when she’s in a relationship, and has high standards for her. While in her confessional, Heather is not happy about that, and feels like her relationship is being judged.

In the next scene, all the ladies are at the office. Davina takes this opportunity to awkwardly walk up to Jason to talk about her potential eighty million-dollar listing. Jason doesn’t agree on the price, and thinks it’s worth closer to forty-nine million. Davina is disappointed, but has to take this information to her client. As this awkward conversation is happening in front of all the other ladies, another uncomfortable conversation is brewing between Amanza and Heather. Heather is telling the ladies how she texted Tarek’s (her boyfriend) ex-wife to introduce herself because she’s spending a lot of time with her kids. Amanza tells Heather how she appreciates that because she’s never heard a peep from her ex-husband’s new girlfriend although she’s around her kids. Then Amanza goes on to say that Heather should be careful because keywords when OR if it doesn’t work out, the kids will be heartbroken. I think Heather only heard the when part because she was immediately offended, then became very passive aggressive and sarcastically thanked Amanza for her unsolicited advice. I think Amanza was trying to help, especially since she can directly relate, but hey, no good deed goes unpunished right? Now Amanza and Heather are fighting. Just great.

In the last scene, Davina visits her client, Adnan, to break the news about the pricing discrepancy she had with Jason. As she’s attempting to break the news to Adnan, Davina is ostensibly nervous. It doesn’t make it better that Adnan is giving Davina this ice-cold intimidating stare. Even I’m a little scared for her. In the end, Adnan’s intimidation and literal fatherly finger-pointing worked because Davina left that meeting agreeing to list Adnan’s home for eighty million, despite Jason’s dissent. We'll see how this turns out. Good luck Davina.

This episode had me thoroughly entertained, and looking forward to the drama in episode 3. Stay tuned!!


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